what about the people ............................. the plight of inner city medical missions of USA

JANuary 12 - my migraines are getting better. yesterday i took the prescribed dosage. the other days i had been taking half or a third. i do not like taking pain medicine. my mine pain meds are herbs such as valerin root. i took it twice yesterday. i slept for 5 hours, then later another hour. i felt much better!!! i was running down those hospital halls like a teenager on skates.loloooo
my earache is still with me. lucky i started taking herbs (golden seal) a few days ago.
from OCT to JANUARY i have been dealing with family illness and my illness. trying to manage pain and work is kinda hard .lolooo. cold weather for me = ear aches and migraines. this week im averaging 3 hours of sleep a day. my spirit is great!!!!!!!
OCT 12,2009 im learning a lot of about my meds for pain and migraines. mY spirit is near perfect and PERFECT PERFECT with mY Heavenly FATHER!!
migraines and medicines not acting right! i guess i need to give them a whooping .lol.LOL #PRAY4 !!
hi! sept 27 Sunday 1st day of week .. some migraines . a little scarey, BUT SPIRITUALLY .. I FEEL GREAT GREAT GREAT !!!
its Monday Aug 31, and im trying to concentrate on the brass pole (JOHN 3.14) instead of the pole thats been sticking down into my head for the past 3 days (migraines). i need prayer!! HE is with me, and is telling me to slowdown !!!!
Its Friday Aug 21, 2009 – last week I worked too much, then my Heavenly FATHER gave me rest - I could not sign on to twitter .lololooll. now im heading into the city, then work in the mountains on Saturday, hopefully taking kids with me. They love the country. Keep us in your prayers! You know, I am praying for you. We are so blessed to have each other !!
friday aug 14th a long day. in going to schools, visit some missionaries that have worked with children. then a little rest and good food i hope .lol. then hospital - wound care and home visits!! i need the money, but cant work too much. HE is not happy when i overwork and try to do it all!
thursday aug13 working on blog tech stuff and twitter - now headache .lol. i dont think migraine.
... i know HE heard me. by the middle of the day. headache gone.
wednesday aug12th so many weird wonderful things going on involving the children!! im so happy. i just keep praying. its one thing i know i do best!! yall keep on praying. HE hears us!
**With 14 patients :9 of them total care: , .. i can give 5 star hotel care. ... 6 homes and 2 hospitals .. Im olden !!
sunday and monday i worked very hard and tirelessly - on mond i decided to take aspirin. one of my few meds. very few headaches . i was very very happy with my medical work
aug 1st saturday i took the children to the mountains to see family. that was little rest from friday 10pm to monday 3pm - very little money-paid work, some family time, lots of mission work - i need to slowdown - and HE will do it .lol .. i need prayer to know i cant do it all !!
july 29th
friday to wednesday - small headaches, taking HIS meds (herbs). i can get rest with small headaches. the big ones are like a catch22 situation. migraine - they pound .lol. sTomP - cant rest - cant think - finally remember to take herbs - only thing i can take - alergic to synthetics - a little rest - next day more rest - then ahhh!!! - only small headaches - YES!!!
thursday to friday morning - knots and poles in the head - i got some rest and herbs .lol
wednesday - the whole brain is in slow motion .lol. time to break!
tuesday - my headache went away when i got on twitter. 10,000's's of people. wow!
sunday - tuesday afternoon long shifts paid and volunteer. i know very little rest.
saturday, 4 hours of sleep and 40 patients, the sleep part was my fault. with migraines, my brain was like a slow running computer - kinda scarey. pray for me. and smile, HE is the MOUNTAIN !!
friday afternoon, im feeling better and getting ready for a long day in medical work, Praise HIM
its friday, im grouping, and trying to show my faith. my Heavenly knows mE!!

wednesday jul 15 2009
im mad - im sad - im overwhelmed - im the crazy people
im an inner city medical missionary feeling down
im a man that needs prayer
i know my Heavenly Father loves mE, ... i need more faith

more meetings, ... more people telling you more budget cuts, ... medical ccompanies building more buildings.

what about the people, what about sick, what about the needy, what about the caregivers?

i have to learn to depend more on my Heavenly Father. ... im olden :lol: ... and im seeing cities building more buildings and spending more on sports teams, ... cities spending more on entertainment. ... im seeing cities making more budget cuts. ... cutting workers pay.

what about the people, what about the dad that is working from sunrise to late night?
what about the mom that is starting her work day before sunrise?
what about the children - who is watching them?
somebody has to provide for the child, pay the water bill, pay for food and home.

im seeing families living in tents in campcenters. this is suppose to American.
you work hard, but dont get sick, ... DONT get sick. Dont let anything negative happen.

After losing homes, families move into tents

The Tennessean - Jennifer Brooks, Shelley Mays - ‎Jul 12, 2009‎
No one knows how many people are living in campgrounds in Middle Tennessee. But visit any area campground and it's easy to pick out the permanent residents ...

then im trying to provide families - these are working families,
Families that work everday -

im trying to provide families with medical assistance. trying is the key word.
im working over 80 hours a week and its still not enough.

who is paying for the transportation - gas is high.

who is paying for the simple meds, ... who is paying for healthy foods used as medicine - like juice,
garlic being used an antiobiotic, whole wheat crackers?

by the Power of HIS Blood,
HIS only begotten Son - Jesus

HE is in control!! i need to understand. ... i need to understand that HE will provide. this is really what these blogs are all about.

its very hard for me to put really put my faith in HIM. i say i trust, but my actions say something else. my actions say i put my faith, ... my trust in how much i can work. ALL THE TIME my Heavenly FATHER is showing me - HE loves me, HE will provide, HE is in control.

This is what my Heavenly does for me - something no one. ... no one else can do -
HE makes me feel like my grandparents are taking care of me like when i was young.
its an awesome. i need to stop feeling sad, ... ... but its hard. ... ... i see so much.
i need to remember my post on 'How long O lord' * some things in life we cannot understand
Jun 30, 2009.

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